1903ENV Architecture and Landscape History 1: Traditional Domestic

1903ENV Architecture and Landscape History 1: Traditional Domestic


“Throughout history, the house has been the standard-bearer of quite radical innovation that presages deeper evolutionary currents in architecture and society, constantly pushing the boundaries of how we live. Designing people’s homes is the essence of architectural practice, the type and the tool through which we think about spaces where we sleep, the ways we interact with our neighbours, and the patterns of everyday life.”

Critically evaluate the contemporary relevance of traditional domestic architecture from the same region using historical and contemporary precedents to support your research.

You are to prepare an illustrated essay that addresses the complex relationships between architecture and its social and political structures. You should approach your research with a clear question and argument and research your topic and case studies accordingly.

Your analysis should show an understanding of:

  • the chosen project’s historical context;
  • the development of the project (sometimes across a number of periods);
  • architectural techniques and strategies at work in the chosen project;
  • the historical significance of the project.

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