300725 Construction Technology: Research-Based Investigation

300725 Construction Technology: Research-Based Investigation


Applied Or Research-Based Investigation Of One Building Service


The unit we are studying this semester covers the variety of building services incorporated in major construction projects, including electrical; mechanical; hydraulic; fire systems; transportation; communication and security. It approaches the subject matter in terms of what might be expected of a manager in the design and construction process. Coordination and integration of these services is vital, both in terms of “buildability” and “life-cycle efficiency” as the project is prepared for handover, then transposes to on-going user satisfaction deliverables.

With Covid19 considerations dictating on-line learning this semester, our major assignment will require independent investigation of one of the services we will be studying. Many of you are employed in the industry and have access to either a currently under-construction project, or to a project in the design stage. Your task will be to investigate and report on characteristics of the service as it applies to that project. The remainder will access recent resources such as journal articles and/or manufacturers data which will detail current and future trends in the provision of that service to new projects or to the refurbishment of existing buildings. Your task will be to report on that service and how it is changing in terms of deliverables.


As indicated in the background statement, the requirements for this assignment depends on either your physical access to an actual project in the design stage or under construction, or those without such access and reliant on published research and/or manufacturers recommendations. Each will require a differing base requirement, but both will concentrate on one service only.


In this task you will quickly grasp the concept that we classify building services into groupings and sub-categorise those groupings into specialities. An example tabulated listing follows. Please note that it is for demonstration purposes and is in no way exhaustive.

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