301207 Building Estimates and Tendering Project- preliminary item

301207 Building Estimates and Tendering Project- preliminary item


Prepare a report with below sections to address the above scenario.

Section A: Preliminaries Bill

This section should include a priced preliminaries bill for the above project scenario. We are not requesting you to price the full preliminary bill, instead to price selected items as suggested below:

1. Select to price ONE cost-significant preliminary item from below 8 categories, so you will end up pricing 8 preliminary items in total (a full preliminaries checklist is attached in vuws under assessment 2 folder).
1. Employers requirements
2. Management and Staff
3. Facilities and Services
4. Temporary works
5. Site Accommodation
6. Contract Conditions
7. Mechanical Plant
8. Non-mechanical plant

2. Calculate the project cost using a suitable preliminary estimating technique (detailed calculations are not expected) and calculate the project duration using AIQS cost guide. These are needed to finalise preliminaries bill.

3. Show how you developed the price for each of the above selected item

4. Details of the pricing sources, pricing approach and assumptions made for each pricing itemare required to be included in the report, with evidences attached to the report as appendices (for example, a quotation image could be included as an appendix and referred to in the report,
where the price development for that item is described).

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