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Application Restrictions Policies | Homeworkcrew


ACME Widgets has about 900 users and about 1000 computers in all 3 divisions, including U.S. and offshore facilities. Please review the Module 04 project background information for more details about current Active Directory OU design.

You are hired as a consultant to ACME Widgets. The IT management would like to organize Active Directory to ensure AD security, but also make it easier to manage.

ACME is concerned that users should not be installing or running unauthorized software. You are asked to suggest Group Policy setup to meet the following restrictions.

  1. How would you use the Software Restrictions or AppLocker Group Policies to make sure that only Office 2016 and the Accounting applications can be executed on computers in Accounting department (members of the Accounting OU)?
  2. How would you use Group Policy deployment options, including block inheritance, and policy override to make sure that only Domain Administrators or Customer Service technicians (members of the Service OU) can install or modify software on all computers in their respective domains?

Make sure to support your statements and conclusions with valid research. External references are required (personal experience is not a replacement for external references). Post the URLs to the sources used in your research.

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