applied integration | Nursing Term Papers

applied integration | Nursing Term Papers

You are the Director of Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H) at US Jets, a mid-sized business organization that designs, manufactures, and sells business jet aircraft. Your business is headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida. Over the past few years, you have seen an increase in health insurance claims and workers†compensation claims. In addition, it has been determined that employees that suffered injuries at work have been out of work longer and have taken longer to rehabilitate. You and the human resources director determine that much of this is due to increasing cases of diabetes in the workplace and a higher percentage of workers that are overweight or obese. Your organization does not currently have a wellness program, nor does the company offer any incentives for wellness. Further, it appears that the organization has few initiatives in place to promote healthy eating, exercise, or well-being.

Based on the above information complete the following:

Draft a business letter to John Johnson, Chief Operating Officer (your supervisor), that effectively communicates to him the need to establish an integrated health protection and health promotion program focused on Total Worker Health. Discuss how this program will aid in controlling workers†compensation costs, health care costs, and assist with improving return-to-work initiatives. In the letter, be sure to describe what is meant by Total Worker Health and the integration of health protection and health promotion. Be sure to describe the program you want to implement and describe the essential elements that will be needed to make the program effective. Also, you need to argue the merits of this initiative which integrates health protection and health promotion. Be sure to provide a justification for this initiative. In other words, argue the merits of such a program and show how this program will be beneficial to the organization. This may require additional research of the literature, especially in the areas related to diabetes costs, costs associated with overweight/obesity, impact of diabetes/overweight/obesity on both health and injury outcomes, and the impact of these factors on return-to-work and disability management.

Write your letter using block format. Use citations and include references in APA format.


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