Columbia College MGMT 330 Research Paper Assignment Purpose:

Columbia College MGMT 330 Research Paper Assignment Purpose:

Columbia College

MGMT 330 Research Paper Assignment


This assignment will provide you an opportunity to examine the impact of effective management on the overall

success of an organization.

You will need to utilize resources available through the library and other sources

(including the internet) to obtain information.

You will be required to examine an organization from a variety

of points of view with a focus on its leadership, management style, ethics commitment, strategies and strategy


In your paper you should discuss and identify as many Principles of Management concepts as


Conclusions should be drawn regarding the effectiveness of the use of the broad range of management

tools and their impact on the success of the company.

In class you will present the summation of your paper as

well as your specific, critically thought out conclusions.


It has been a belief for many years that the long-term success of an organization is based largely on the quality

of its management.

Much has been written about the “Search for Excellence,” “The Quest for Quality,” “The

Sustainable Competitive Advantage.”

All this research and all the studies of the “100 Best Companies,” have

eventually focused on the importance of the quality of management.

Nothing seems to have a greater impact on

the financial returns, shareholder value or employee satisfaction than the quality of the organization’s


Your challenge is to select a company you can examine from the variety of perspectives covered in this course.

Most specifically, these include


, Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling.

You will examine the

company you select utilizing a variety of research sources: business publications, the company’s own external

and internal communications, the mass media, etc.


Select a publicly traded US company. Companies in the Fortune 500 are strongly suggested. Ideally select a

company that has had new management since 2000.

Research the top management of the organization and

detail the strategies that they advocated to help grow the company. As many companies had problems starting

around 2008 – 2010 which led to lay-offs and retrenchment, that may be a good period to focus on how

management helped move the company through those difficult economic years. Examine the critical issues that

the organization faced, and detail the strategies employed to mitigate them.

All top managers are not


If the company you choose employed strategies that failed, detail the failure and add analysis as to

why it failed and what may have been done to foster success.

Items that should be discussed with your selected company include:


Mission and Vision


Values and Ethics


Organization structure and culture


Leadership style and motivational style


Overall measurements of success for this company

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