cybersecurity 13 | Nursing Term Papers

cybersecurity 13 | Nursing Term Papers

Choose one of your two audit plans

employee awareness of IT security policies

assessment of the IT policy system

Prepare a one page briefing statement for the IT Governance board of Red Clay Renovations which explains the purpose of the audit and provides the following details:

who will conduct the audit (and why)

what will be covered by the audit (and why)

when will the audit be conducted (does that date/time have significance to the organization (i.e., fiscal year end?))

where will the audit be conducted (locations) (and why)

how will be audit be conducted (what audit process?)

Provide in-text citations and references for 3 or more authoritative sources. Put the reference list at the end of your posting.

Make sure you also use the discussion rubric when creating this response to ensure you have all the required elements.


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