EBUS612 E-Business Enterprise System with SAP Management

EBUS612 E-Business Enterprise System with SAP Management


  1. Give full explanation of how the PP, CO and LO case studies are integrated?

You need to elaborate the full cycle of each case study and illustrate the integration points with evidences of your work (screenshots) from your system and explainyour understanding accordingly. You may also consider to create some charts to support your arguments .

  1. Expanding from your three case studies

Based on the CO case study, Operation 0020 in the routings of your UCC-ENGINE- needs to be assembled in a new work centre (name it with your own choice) with four cost centres with the following details. Further, after moving into the new work centre, the current cycle time of this operation requires 48 minutes with Machine and 89 minutes with Labour. Activity type for Setup, Machine and Labour should be the one corresponding to the new Assembly cost centre. In the new work centre, the maintenance team has two types of activity output. The new added consultation activity aims at providing technique support to Assembly line. All the other settings are kept the same as in your CO case study.

  1. What is the total price with the corresponding activity types for your engine assembly cost centre, maintenance cost centre and repair cost centre.
  2. Explain in details of the meaning for work centre, cost centre and different cost elements.
  3. Complete above extension in your system and provide the screenshot of your engine assembly cost centre costing report. Explain the overall process of obtaining the new assembly activity cost with appropriate support of calculations and work flow chart.
  4. Provide the screenshot of the new cost estimate for your Ucc Motorcycle with Item Categories layout
  5. Release the new cost to be effective in your material master data for Ucc Motorcycle and provide proper screenshot to display it.
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