ENGL 1100 Comparative Research Essay-significant argument that arises

ENGL 1100 Comparative Research Essay-significant argument that arises


In a 1200-1300-word Comparative Research Essay, analyze the “flip side” of the 2021 conflict involving your approved public figure. In other words, compare and contrast your figure’s representation of themselves in their respective crisis with how the figure’s key critic or opponent represents your figure. This time, you must also include at least 1 primary source authored by (or featuring the words of) your figure’s key critic or opponent. See all research requirements below. Keep in mind that the “flip side” may manipulate or misrepresent your figure for their own purposes or agendas.

Key Features

Comparative: Comparisons are more effective when you determine the “common ground” or shared qualities between the two sides.

Argumentative: As in all essays, this effort requires that you have a strong thesis: an original claim about the topic that goes beyond a simple observation. You must determine an original and significant argument that arises from your comparison.

Research: Ensure that you include all requested sources.

Brainstorming Prompts (You don’t need to respond to them all) Are crises objectively represented to the public in film, print, television, news, or literature? Can the true stakes of a crisis be amplified or concealed through language? How do public figures (on all sides of a conflict) use or manipulate the media to serve specific purposes or agendas? How do they use the media to serve their own interests? How do critics or opponents use media against your figure? 

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