ENGL 1101 Intro to English Literature: John Miles Foley Poem

ENGL 1101 Intro to English Literature: John Miles Foley Poem


Section A

‘We are in the habit of understanding oral poetry as a species of written poetry, not the other way round.’ (John Miles Foley)

Discuss in detail the videos of a slam poetry performance that we considered in Week 11. How does the poet’s performative language contribute to the way the poem creates meaning?

Reading – John Miles Foley – How to read an oral poem

Section B

‘We have no immediate felt sense of the earth as a finite planet in our basic constitution or perception … This lack of an earth-sense … has now become … a possibly fatal human flaw.’ (Timothy Clark)

 How does The Road dramatize the need for an ‘earth-sense’?

Essential reading : Cormac McCarthy, The Road.

Secondary reading to use for response :

  • Johns-Putra, ‘“My job is to take care of you”: Climate Change, Humanity, and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road
  • Timothy Clark, ‘Ecological Grief’.
  • The Horror of the Anthropocene’.

Section C

‘The value of literature lies in the critical stance it adopts to the social world in which it is born

With reference to one or more of the core literary texts studied on the unit, consider the way literature invites us to adopt a critical stance towards social norms.

Essemtial reading – Dorthy parker arrangments of black and white

Secondary –  White patronage

Black modernism and white patronge

Asesses students’ responses to and knowledge of the core texts. Responses should have a clear structure, but they are mid-length so need only have brief introductions and conclusions. As a time-limited exercise, responses are not expected to be fully researched and may take adventurous lines on the questions. Students are encouraged to put the knowledge developed over the course of the unit to creative use. Responses should be presented to the same standard as an essay. All references to primary texts must be accurately cited by page number and all use of supplementary reading or other secondary material must be relevant and accurately cited

Write clear and well-structured paragraphs.

− Use descriptive and analytical terms accurately.

− Demonstrate an understanding of core unit themes and concepts.

− Engage creatively with primary texts.

− Form an argument or position in response to the question.− Use Chicago referencing style 

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