ENGL 1400 Thematic Approach To Literature: John Berger Theory

ENGL 1400 Thematic Approach To Literature: John Berger Theory


In an essay of approximately 800 words write an argumentative essay on one of the following topics based on the short stories we studied in class.  These topics are intentionally broad and open-ended. In order to write a successful essay, you will have to form your own thesis.  Please feel free to consult with me about any questions/concerns you may have.

We will discuss the essay in great depth in class.Title of Your Essay Goes Here and is Centre Aligned Please keep in mind while writing your essay that You cannot write well if you do not read well.Do not consult the internet for your eassay Use the Course material for your ideas.

1)  Discuss how setting expresses the themes of “Miss Mary Pask.” For this topic you will have to consider the symbolism of the sea and the fog within this short story.

2) Explain how John Berger’s theory of the male gaze helps us to understand the self-worth crisis that Bella and Zelda experience in “Another Fine Mess.”

Each essay should consist of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.Each essay should assert why the text is meaningful, and not be a description of what happens within it.Develop an argument. Write a bold thesis statement.

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