Firstly, based on the knowledge gained from the reading and research

Firstly, based on the knowledge gained from the reading and research

Firstly, based on the knowledge gained from the reading and research individuals from different sex respond differently to medication and treatments. All individuals are different and different variables are respectfully taken into consideration. Males and females respond differently to drug treatment and can be crucial, therefore important to understand the difference and appropriate factors are considered for safe and effective treatment provided.

For instance, reviewing and evaluating both case of Ms. Jones and Mr. Smith has provided basic information to evaluate. Ms. Jones drinks regularly and more than usually on her bi-weekly book clubs, which indicates that she will handle the treatment differently because of her alcohol intake, especially during her bi-weekly book clubs. The consumption of alcohol will have a negative effect and will overwork her liver if she continues, and “those sex differences that studies have turned up, such as increased damage to women’s livers and hearts, have been largely attributed to the different ways in which men and women metabolize alcohol. Because women tend to be smaller and have more body fat than men and because women may have less of a stomach enzyme that digests alcohol–, women’s blood alcohol levels (BALs) tend to be higher after imbibing the same amount as a man. Higher exposure simply translates into more severe effects, the argument goes” (Wuethrich, 2001, p. 1, para. 3).

On the other hand, Mr. Smith is a male, intake of alcohol is less, and there is a difference in age, which are important factors to consider. The consumption of alcohol is different in this particular case however major factor is his age, and weight, which affect him. Indeed, “alcohol use disorders affect daily routines, of which meals form a fundamental part, and thus may alter nutrient intake” (Kaplas, Knekt, Lönnqvist,  Männist, Montonen, Partonen, &, Rintamäki,2014, p391, para. 2).

“Regardless of sex, the brain responds to alcohol by trying to counteract its depressing effects on the central nervous system” (Wuethrich, 2001, p. 1, para. 20). Inclusive, “Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances in the United States. The effect of alcohol on organ systems of the body extends beyond the liver, where it is metabolized, to include the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, kidneys, lung, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, and the immune system (Rodriguez et al., 2004; Walker et al., 2013). Due to its ability to distribute throughout most fluid compartments of the body (Dubowski, 1985), the chronic consumption of ethanol leads to cell injury in nearly every tissue, specifically cardiac tissue” (Adam, Ahmed, Gerorge, Janay & Sima, 2018).

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