FNSACC505 Establish and Maintain Accounting Information Systems

FNSACC505  Establish and Maintain Accounting Information Systems
 There are 6 topics that need to be review for this written report. – The 3 accounting software products to be reviewed Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks – Please make sure the report format is as per the guidelines (Employee guidance materials page 32) Part B – Presentation (PowerPoint) and Roleplay/transcript – Powerpoint presentation needs to cover the following; a) A brief description of the ETG system requirements and anticipated users; b) A brief explanation of how the system chosen meets those requirements; c) How confirmation was obtained from users regarding the acceptability of the new system, particularly in respect to debtor management and payroll; d) Methods used in consulting users to determine effective system documentation; e) Briefly outline the data validation features of the system and levels of access to be used. As a guide, there should be one (1) slide prepared for each of these points, and you should spend no longer than 1 minute presenting each slide. These should be based on responses and material included in your report in Part A Following the presentation participants are to ask the following questions which will form part of the roleplay/transcript. Please prepare responses (each response should be 30-45 seconds) Pages 7 and 8 of attachment “31933B_02 ASSESSMENT” 1. Can you please explain how the chosen system helps meet Ethical Trading Group’s commitment to sustainable practices? 2. How did you identify the operational and training needs for system users? 3. What ongoing support and training will be made available for users? 4. Will system documentation be provided by the software provider or developed in-house and how can the documentation be accessed? 5. How will users be consulted in determining suitable forms of documentation? 6. What internal verification processes will be used to ensure that work related travel claims are valid, correctly recorded and classified? 7. Explain how this system will be utilised for timely collection of outstanding debts. The roleplay/transcript needs to include presenting the presentation and then also the 7 questions and answers
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