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Forensic Evaluation | Homeworkcrew

Forensic Evaluation

This assignment is to complete write a complete forensic evaluation that you selected from the following four options:

· Competency to confess (waive Miranda rights).

· Sanity at the time of the offense charged (insanity).

· Independent medical evaluation (IME) for psychological damages. (my selection)

· Juvenile court evaluation for amenability for treatment.



In this paper of your forensic evaluation, you will expand upon your work from your previous papers most importantly most recent paper, adding a diagnosis and opinion section. This paper should include your previous work from as well as the new information that follows (a forensic evaluation generally has all of these elements, although some evaluators may provide more background information on the evaluee than others


1. Informed Consent

2. Background Information

o Briefly describe the fictional evaluee’s social, educational, occupational, substance use, medical, and psychiatric history.

o Include mock collateral information that you obtained during the course of the evaluation.

3. Mental Status Examination

o Using a formal mini-mental-status exam , describe your mock client’s performance on domains such as orientation, immediate recall, attention and calculation, recall, language, judgment, ability to abstract, and intelligence.

4. Interview Questions

5. Test Battery

6. Diagnosis

Provide a thorough DSM-5 diagnosis for your mock evaluee.

7. Opinion

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