HIS131 Topics in History of Science Technology And Medicine : Principles Of Mone

HIS131 Topics in History of Science Technology And Medicine : Principles Of Mone

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HIST112 History

Use Chicago style footnoting and include a bibliography
Write one short essay on any of the following topics:
A. What were the factors, political and economic, for Confederation?  
B. What were the arguments against Confederation?
C. What was the British attitud …

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HIST 17B History of the United States

How and why did businesses grow in the late 19th century? What were the consequences of growth? How did business leaders defend the rise of big business? Who criticized the growth of big business, and what did they criticize?
Write an essay in response. Be sure to use examples fr …

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HIST 3039 History Essay

Essay Question: “Compare the ways Stalin, Hitler and Hirohito utilise slave labour in world war 2. To what extent did this impact the war effort?” At least 3 quality primary sources (show interaction with source in essay) – Secondary sources – In depth analysis – Clear argument and conclusion – Chic …

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HIST2773 Social, Economic, and Political Developments

This is your capstone paper assignment for this course. In the fall of 1919, an event occurred in Phillips County, Arkansas that has come to be known as the “Elaine Race Riot.” But, as we observed with the labeling of the “Spanish American War” (Cuba?!), names can be problematic, misleading, and …

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