HISTORY101 Global History- Human Rights

HISTORY101 Global History- Human Rights

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InstructionsA diary entry, (just like a letter, or photograph, or an object), is a ‘snapshot’ of a moment in time. While it tells us about a person’s life at a particular period of time,a diary also leaves a lot out. It does not tell us everything that we might want to know!It is t …

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The following questions need to be answered in 4-5 sentences each, using Turabian style. Get the answers from ‘The American Yawp” only.1.     What are the key economic problems in the 1970s. (from chapter 28 Yawp)2.    What were the concerns of American …

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HIST 130 US History

The main topic for chapter 7 and 9 are available in the textbook which is attached in the files 
Main Topic 1 – Political 
Subtopic 1 – CH7 – The War of 1812 (Divided, North  No war, other region  Yes War)
Subtopic 2 – CH9 – Crea …

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Assessment: What’s in a name? How do New Zealand place names reflect our environmental history? Using examples consider the effects of colonialism on place, space, and identify and how contemporary names reflect 5 shifting perspectives of the origins of names. Your assignment is t …

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