Investment Decision on Morgan Stanley

Investment Decision on Morgan Stanley


Investment Decision

Investment Decision on Morgan Stanley Summary – You will evaluate Morgan Stanley as a potential investment opportunity.
You will either make a recommendation to buy stock in the company, sell stock in the company, or buy/sell a direct competitor of your company. (10 points)

Your paper should provide a succinct historical perspective of your company. (15 points)

Provide a detailed summary about the Mission, Vision, and a strategic analysis of your company. You may leverage the strategic management analysis tools we discussed in the Strategic Management chapter. (15 points)

Analyze the internal conditions of the firm – leadership team, human resources, climate, etc. What are the key internal resources of the organization? (20 points)

Provide both pros and cons of why this company is a good or bad investment. You should be balanced in your approach with reasonable arguments for both sides. (20 points)

Based on the above, what is your recommendation and why? What points are the most salient in your analysis? You should be thorough about both internal and external analysis and either a) invest in your company, b) sell your company or c) consider investing in one of your competitors.
This paper will be graded for comprehension, clarity, and thoroughness. This paper will also be graded for grammar, spelling and professional writing requirements. Please see the rubric below for grading information.
Specific requirements Between 1,200-1,600 words (works cited page is not included in total required word count) Double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman font Proper APA in-paper citations and works cited Use at least 4 sources. You may use the company’s website and filings as a source. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.

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