Properties of Fats and Oils

Properties of Fats and Oils

Cover some of these subjects: Somebody says that fats make you “fat?” Are they correct? What is the difference between fats and oils from the viewpoint of nutrition? Account for the fact that some oils are called saturated oils. What are some of the factors that determine where a lipid is a fat or an oil at room temperature? What is a fatty acid? Describe saturated fats or fatty acids. Explain how the body makes cholesterol from saturated fats. Describe trans fats. What are some of the reasons why you should limit the amount of saturated fat or trans fat in your diet?  Name some of the foods which contain natural saturated fat. Are their any natural vegetable products that inherently contain saturated fats? Are there any natural foods that are inherently high in trans fats?  Many food products have a very high saturated fat content or trans fat that is introduced during food processing. Describe the food processing that converts an oil, margarine or peanut butter into a product that has a high saturated fat content. Provide 3 full APA citations that are evidence-based.


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