Relational Inquiry – Case Study Assignment

Relational Inquiry – Case Study Assignment

Introduction to the Nursing Profession: Relational Inquiry – Case Study Assignment – Description Value: 25% of Final Grade  Assignment Description The purpose of the case study assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of relational inquiry and how it is enacted in a nursing context. Students are invited to think critically and apply their evolving knowledge of relational inquiry to a case scenario with guiding questions.  Assignment Expectations ;This application assignment draws upon the required readings, resources, and engagement activities from Module 2 (week 4, 5 and 6 only) of the course (Note: week 7 content is not included in this assignment). The assignment should not be started until all learning objectives and materials/readings have been completed for the assigned module and weeks. The assignment must be typed, double-spaced, and accompanied by a title page (per APA 7th edition format) with an integrity pledge signed by the student. The overall written response should range between 500 and 600 words in length (not including the title page).  Assignment Instructions:  1. Complete all Module 2 (weeks 4, 5 and 6 only) learning objectives, required readings/materials, and engagement activities.  2. Review the case scenario (below) and provide a focused, thoughtful, and insightful response to each of the following questions (below). Responses should reflect your understanding of content explored primarily in Module 2 (weeks 4, 5, and 6 only) of the course. Responses will also logically build upon the content explored in Module 1 of the course.  You are encouraged to respond to each question individually in paragraph format – please note, however, that the overall written response for ALL questions should range between 500-600 words; not to exceed 600 words in total. Be sure to support your responses with rationale drawn from appropriate course content, readings and/or materials from Module 2, using in-text citations per APA 7th edition (2020) format.  3. Prepare your responses to ALL questions as one comprehensive Word document. The submission should be typed, double-spaced, and accompanied by a title page (per APA 7th edition format) with an integrity pledge signed by the student.  Case Scenario:  You are a primary care nurse working in a small community health centre. Many of the clients you see are families with school age children. One part of your role is to facilitate weekly wellness sessions that the centre hosts. This initiative was initially created to help the health centre staff build relationships with the community where historically relationships had been strained. The community began to trust the health centre staff, and you were then able to engage with community members more and offer targeted health teaching. Attendance at these weekly wellness sessions has been a huge success and has strengthened the once strained relationship. Influential members of the community frequently attend, and there has been an overall increase in the number of folks who access annual health screening services offered at the clinic (e.g., Pap smears, blood pressure checks, well-baby care, etc.).  Over the past year and a half, due to various COVID-related closures, the wellness sessions were moved to an online format. This was difficult for both staff and community members. However, with the availability of COVID vaccinations and a safe outdoor venue, the wellness sessions have resumed in person in the park across the street from the health centre. This has allowed people to gather safely, and turnout has been excellent. As one of the primary care nurses, you are very proud of the outreach work you have been able to do at these sessions and in the ongoing relationship-building and trust you have developed with various community members.  In their regular team discussions, the health centre staff recently identified a concern around low vaccination rates and increased incidence of COVID across the community. Given that the wellness sessions are well attended and often include influential community members, these sessions were identified as an excellent place to offer pop-up vaccination clinics in the hopes of increasing overall vaccination rates, particularly in children twelve (12) years of age and older. You arrive at todayâ€s wellness session and walk over to greet a group of parents talking off to the side. They turn to you and ask what you think about the vaccine clinics “taking over” the wellness sessions. Many parents seem upset and anxious. One parent steps forward and asks how the health centre can possibly advocate for the use of this new vaccine in anyone. This same parent turns to you and asks, “How can YOU support this practice as a nurse, let alone believe it is appropriate for our children?”  Address the following questions as you reflect on how you will respond to the parentâ€s concerns: 

1. What values– personal values, health care values and societal values – influence how you, as the RN, would relate to the parent? (6 marks)  

2. Using the document titled CNO Practice Standard: Professional Standards, Revised 2002 (2018), choose one (1) standard (i.e., Accountability, Continuing Competence, Ethics, Knowledge, Knowledge Application, Leadership, Relationships), that would inform your response. Provide rationale to support your choice and include two (2) indicators as exemplars. (8 marks)  

3. A relational understanding of nursing obligations supports the nurse to discern the most appropriate action in a complex situation. Identify the intrapersonal, interpersonal and contextual factors that are shaping this situation as you consider how to respond. (6 marks)  

4. How might you “commit to work across difference” in this situation? Identify and discuss one (1) strategy using the 5Cs. (5 marks) Please use this book; Doane, G. H. & Varcoe, C. (2021). How to nurse: Relational inquiry in action (2nd ed.). 

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