The eminent psychologist Kurt Lewin (1945) famously observed

The eminent psychologist Kurt Lewin (1945) famously observed

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Question Two: Practical Application

The eminent psychologist Kurt Lewin (1945) famously observed, “Nothing is as practical as a good theory.” In fact, this view pervades thinking in many scientific fields, including psychology. The basic argument is that theories should not be limited to the purview of academicians in ivory towers and that in order for them to prove their usefulness theories must have some real world application.

However, the task of practically applying theory presents considerable challenges and has been the subject of much discussion and analysis.

Books & Resources (add many more of your own for a better outcome)

Corley, K. G., & Gioia, D. A. (2011). Building theory about theory building: What constitutes a theoretical contribution? Academy Of Management Review36(1), 12-32. doi:10.5465/AMR.2011.55662499

Shapiro, D. L., Kirkman, B. L., & Courtney, H. G. (2007). Perceived causes and solutions of the translation problem in management research. Academy of Management Journal50(2), 249-266.

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Weatherbee, T., Dye, K., & Mills, A. J. (2008). There’s nothing as good as a practical theory: The paradox of management education. Management & Organizational History3(2), 147-160.

Assignment: Part One

For Part One of this question, your task involves using Corley and Gioia (2011), Shapiro, Kirkman and Courtney (2007), Van de Ven and Johnson (2006), Wacker (1998), Weather, Dye and Mills (2005) and at least five additional scholarly sources to explore different views on translating theory into real-world practice. (Note: Do not limit your discussion only to clinical or therapeutic applications.)

Your discussion must cover:

1. The various challenges and limitations in attempting to apply a theory.

2. Views on the importance of applying theory in real and practical ways.

3. Different ways that theories can be practically applied.

4. Finally, identify a particular psychological theory that you believe lends itself rather easily to practical application and identify a different psychological theory that you believe would be extremely difficult to translate into practice. Support your conclusions concerning each theory with a thoughtful discussion. Cite three or more scholarly sources addressing each theory.

Assignment: Part Two- Grand Theory is Family Development during military deployments:

In Part Two, you will return to the grand theory you described in Question One, Part Two. You will be required to locate and analyze five current studies (within the last five years) that involve application of the selected grand theory. You are to discuss each study separately, rather than attempting to synthesize your discussion of the different articles. (NOTE: Do not use a review article or an article that only reviews the literature.)

Your task is to describe and critique the application of theory in each research study, making certain to do the following:

a. Discuss specifically how the theory was practically applied in the research study.

For example, the grand theory of social cognition is premised upon the belief that people learn behavior by observing others. Researchers may then investigate application of this theory by examining employee performance following one-on-one coaching.

b. Provide a thoughtful critique of the researchers’ practical real-world application of the theory, noting the strengths and flaws you see in their use of the theory. Careful here: we do not want the limitations section of the article reflected here. We want your thoughts on how the theory was used and applied, based on all your previous writing for this Question 2.

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