these are ten point assignments so i will not pay over 9

these are ten point assignments so i will not pay over 9

Questions to determine narration/point of view:

Does the story have a character that refers to him or herself as I?

Is the character telling the story inside or outside of the story?

Can the character telling the story read anyoneâ€s thoughts or feelings?

Can the character telling the story read everyoneâ€s thoughts or feelings?

How does this narration better help you understand the action or conflict of the story?

How would the story change if it were told from a different point of view?

Assignment:Read “The Return” by Fernando Sorrentino.Pay attention to who is telling the story and what information is available and not available.In a paragraph five to eight sentences long, answer the questions above explaining the narration of the story.

Directions:Follow this link to the Short Story website:

You can find the specific short story by typing in the title of the story in the search box, which is located in the top right corner of the webpage.


Assignment:Edgar Allan Poe is known for writing that is dark and mysterious.Read the short story “Eleonora” by Edgar Allan Poe.Pay attention to the mood and the tone of the story.Identify five words from the story that reveal the tone.Write a paragraph of five to eight sentences that explain how these words create or add to the atmosphere of the story.

Directions:Click on the link to download“Eleonora”.


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