Ways of Using BIM for Design

Ways of Using BIM for Design


Practice BIM in a project with two or more collaborators to explore creative ways of using BIM for better design and decision making at early stage. This project will help you get knowledge and skills of using BIM for better-informed decision-making and forming feedback loops in the early stage design.
You have learned how to use BIM for collaboration and information management in Project 2, now it is time to extend your knowledge by practicing and transferring your skills from previous tasks to this new project.

Project Aim:

Demonstrating creative ways of using BIM for design, visualisation and construction.

Question: What is the benefit of using BIM for second life cycle of a project: retrofitting. We have selected the Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre (AMDC) at the Swinburne University of Technology for this project and its 3D model will be shared with you to start using BIM for the second life cycle: retrofit. 

For this project, our (imaginary) client asked the “Design Groups” to redesign the AMDC building, apply changes where possible to design the internal layout for Post-COVID Healthy & Safe Workplace with innovative and responsive facade to environmental conditions ( all structural elements need to be kept).. In this project you need to explore creative ways of using BIM for better design and facilitating construction process. Each team need to prepare their design outcomes based on the following changes: 

• Part A: Retrofit: Post-COVID Healthy & Safe Workplace and apply changes
Part B: Responsive and Sustainable Skin Design (you can apply changes to the entire facade or only part of facade or add elements to the existing condition) each member is responsible to document one design option for the facade, which can be selected from the design iterations done by a team or an individual.


• BIM model
• Drawing Package
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